Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool 2: Comments Welcome

I'm swimming in the shallow end, but still in over my head.
That being said, here is what I have done:

  • I looked through some of the sites listed in the Tool 2 section
  • I've surfed through many of the other blogs at Northbrook and even commented on one.
  • I subscribed to Google reader, and then subscribed to several interesting blogs pertaining to Art Instruction.

This what I've learned so far (I think):

  • There is a gigantic amount of information available, the key is knowing what to ask. I can certainly see the need for the reader to manage all the possible information.
  • Commenting on most blogs seems fairly accessible, but others are somewhat hidden.

What I'd like to learn:

  • Whether or not I am anywhere near comprehending the objective of Tool 2.
  • What suggestions others may have to complete this tool.

Comments are welcome and encouraged

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