Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 3 Finding Videos Online

As a teacher of  Visual Art, using videos and images from the Web can be a powerful tool for creating interest among the students and for building on my own knowledge.
Dan Dunn is an artist from Springbranch who paints in a very unique way. I like to show some of his videos to emphasize how artist must learn to look at things differently. Plus, the kids think he is really cool and so it helps add interest.

Another type of video I use is demonstration videos for different techniques. Though I generally do demonstrations of techniques that I teach, I find it helpful for the students to get different perspectives. Plus, it often reinforces concepts I have taught them.

While many videos are available, I do have to be aware of their Fair Act use. It is a cincept that is important to teach our students especially when using photo reference for artwork. We require our students to use their own photos for any school project or contest work.

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