Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool 4: Moving up to the clouds

I can see how using Google docs can be a very powerful tool. I explored creating a doc and sharing it as well as creating a form. Both will be very helpful working with my team. For example, when we plan events such as the Winter Extravaganza, a lot of meeting time can be saved by using a doc to help divide and conquer tasks. A master document could be set up and updated as tasks are completed or to alert team members of changes in the plan.
I plan to use Google Apps to help our team with budgeting for supplies and to keep up with activity fees as well as other team documents such as meeting agendas. It will also be handy for planning joint projects and fields trips.
I can see using the Form for assignments as well as quizzes. I do an Art History assignment that would be perfect since they will be on the computer anyway.

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